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The Morning Show: Apple TV+ empieza apostando por el drama



Jennifer Aniston y Reese Witherspoon fueron dos de las caras visibles durante la presentación al mundo de Apple TV+. Evento que tuvo lugar el pasado 25 de marzo en el Steve Jobs Theatre de Cupertino.


Las chicas, dos de las figuras mediáticas más poderosas de Estados Unidos, ya trabajaron juntas en unos pocos capítulos de Friends, la exitosa serie televisiva de los 90. Ahora vuelven a reunirse en The Morning Show, proyecto que parte como la primera gran apuesta del servicio de video streaming de la casa de la manzana mordida.

Si bien es apenas un avance, por lo que se ve hay material para considerar a Aniston, Witherspoon y a otros miembros del elenco como Billy Crudup o Steve Carell, entre los nominados a premios como el Globo de Oro o el Emmy.

Todavía no hay fecha de estreno (se espera que sea en algún punto del otoño boreal). Tampoco información precisa de cuánto costará el servicio con el que Apple pretende acabar con el reinado de Netflix e impedir al mismo tiempo que Disney construya un nuevo imperio.


Apple ‘le entra’ a la guerra por el Podcast


This tiny Xbox controller is designed for Microsoft’s xCloud service




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Microsoft is planning to launch its xCloud game streaming service later this year as part of Xbox Game Pass, and accessory makers are getting ready. 8BitDo, a company that specializes in retro and modern alternative gamepads, has adapted its retro NES controller for Microsoft’s Project xCloud service.

The tiny Bluetooth controller is designed to be compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets, and it’s officially licensed as a compatible xCloud and Xbox controller. The built-in battery should last for around 18 hours, and there’s a USB-C port for charging. The controller even ships with a clip to attach to phones, with adjustable positioning.

8BitDo has worked with Microsoft to license this Xbox controller and ensure it’s fully functional with xCloud. There’s even separate software that will allow you to customize button mapping and adjust stick and trigger sensitivity. The controller supports profiles that you can switch between for custom button loadouts.

The $44.99 SN30 Pro for Xbox controller will be available on Amazon for preorder today, with devices shipping on September 21st. 8BitDo’s September launch date is unrelated to Microsoft’s own launch plans for xCloud as part of Xbox Game Pass later this year.

8BitDo’s Xbox controller is the latest in a long line of miniature and classic controllers. 8BitDo also created a $20 keychain controller for the Switch, a cute miniature controller for the Switch Lite, classic Sega Genesis controllers, and the retro NES controller.

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Naughty Dog condemns abusive fans sending death threats, harassment to TLOU2 team




The Last of Us Part II developer Naughty Dog has issued a statement condemning harassment after several members of the creative team were subjected to abuse and hateful messages. Since the game’s launch on June 19th, members of the team, including co-director Neil Druckmann and voice actor Laura Bailey, have posted several examples of abusive, and often violent, messages sent their way. Yesterday, the studio made a statement in support of their staff.

“Although we welcome critical discussion, we condemn any form of harassment or threats directed towards our team and cast,” the studio posted on Twitter. “Their safety is our top priority, but we must all work together to root out this type of behavior and maintain a constructive and compassionate discourse.”

The controversy started even before the game launched, thanks to a massive leak that revealed several key story moments, including the death of a beloved character. This was followed by more innocuous things like review bombing, all the way up to hateful and violent messages directed at specific members of the team.

Druckmann, for instance, posted a selection of anti-Semitic messages he received, noting, “You can love or hate the game and share your thoughts about it. Unfortunately too many of the messages I’ve been getting are vile, hateful, and violent.” Meanwhile, Bailey, who voiced Abby, one of TLOU2’s main characters, received a number of disturbing death threats. “Sometimes this just gets a little overwhelming,” she wrote. In response, Druckmann said, “Unfortunately this is now the cost of making popular entertainment that challenges conventions.”

Despite the controversy, TLOU2 has proven to be a major blockbuster for Sony; the company says that it’s the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive to date, moving 4 million copies in its first three days of availability.

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Streaming this week: Babysitters’ Club and The Old Guard on Netflix, Palm Springs on Hulu




If you have spent the holiday weekend watching the Hamilton movie on repeat, let’s just say I’m not judging you. At all. Polygon has an interesting analysis about how different the musical is on film.

But if you’re looking for a break from Lin Manuel & co. and want something a little different to watch this week however, there are a few new originals on Netflix and Hulu worth checking out.

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix, now playing)

OK so maybe we’re not quite the target audience for The Baby-Sitters Club, but there is a great deal of nostalgia around this new show based on the beloved Ann M. Martin book series (that’s right, I said “beloved”). Polygon says the production meets the challenge of setting the series in 2020 “updating small details of the bigger plotlines to more effectively capture the present day. It keeps the essence of the characters, but little touches — like the rival league The Baby-Sitters Agency launching a social-media campaign — help keep the stories engaging.” The show also doesn’t treat the babysitters’ parents like the Walsh parents in Beverly Hills 90210, that is, they are not just props for the kids’ plot lines.

Palm Springs (Hulu, July 10th)

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti star in this Groundhog Day-like romcom about two people trapped in the same day over and over. Palm Springs sold to Hulu for $17.5 million at the Sundance Film Festival, a new record. Rebecca Alter at Vulture calls it “a perfect metaphor for the tedium of muddling through a repetitive, trapped life in quarantine, day by day.” But it’s a romcom you guys, so maybe there will be some ideas for how to get along with your significant other for all eternity (as we get ready to enter another round of possible coronavirus lockdowns). But as Rebecca notes, at least they have a pool.

The Old Guard (Netflix July 10th)

Charlize Theron as an immortal, sword-wielding warrior? Why yes, thank you. This Netflix original is adapted from the graphic novel of the same name, about a team of crime fighters who die once, but are then rendered immortal (sort of). Variety calls them a “down-and-dirty crew of leather-jacketed renegades who find a way to do maximum damage with machine guns and windpipe-smashing moves…” which is the kind of escapist fun/violence we really need right now.

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